About Us

Kroger is one of the biggest and most popular grocery stores in the United States. Kroger Feed is the survey that helps the customers to rate the services and the Kroger’s products. The Kroger Feed is extremely easy to participate in and makes sure that they provide a vital contribution to the improvement of the Kroger.

The Kroger Company, also popular as the Kroger, was established in 1883 by Bernard Kroger almost 137 years ago. The Kroger is headquartered at Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. It is one of the biggest and the most famous retail companies in the USA since January 2018. Kroger has more than 3,000 department stores and supermarkets.

Kroger Feed Survey aims to identify customer needs and expectations regarding the product. Kroger Management team analyzes each and every comment received in the survey. Customers who recently made a purchase from a Kroger store can answer this survey. You can clam and win gift cards, 50 fuel points, digital cards or vouchers, etc.

Kroger Feed is a popular promotional gift program from The Kroger Co. Thanks to Kroger’s feedback survey at feed.kroger.com, each participant has a golden opportunity to earn an additional 50 fuel points and $ 5,000.

The Kroger store encourages all loyal customers to participate in the Kroger Feed Survey. You will be rewarded with Kroger 50 fuel points, and a lucky winner will be rewarded with $5000.

The Kroger Feed customer satisfaction survey is considered an online process that only takes a few minutes at feed.kroger.com. Everyone is encouraged to honestly place your valuable comments. Furthermore, not only comments are taken into account, but also necessary changes are made according to the comments received.