is now which is now known as is an online portal that is introduced for Kroger employees. Kroger employees can access the portal easily. Kroger employees access this portal at the website address Use your user ID and password to access the features of the ( portal.

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Using The ( Portal

To access the portal, you need to follow a set of simple steps that are explained below:

  • First, access the Kroger Employee Login Portal.
  • You can also access the URL at the address
  • Wait for the portal to load completely.
  • Now submit your professional login ID
  • Submit your password.
  • Finally, click on the “Login” button.
  • Now, you can access the facilities offered by this portal.

Uses Of The Portal

The portal offers many functions. You can perform various functions by using the portal. Some of the uses that the portal offers are as follows:

  • You can easily manage your personal details at the website address
  • If necessary, job-related information can also be modified.
  • Additionally, an employee’s personal address can also be easily changed on the portal.
  • Employees can also request vacations if they urgently need to take a leave.
  • And if the employee is not feeling well, he can ask for urgent leaves.
  • Additionally, employees can also communicate with other employees online through the portal.
  • You can also manage the Kroger Pay Stubs on this portal.
  • The salary details are also provided on this portal.
  • Various medical benefits are also entitled.

You can also get help to recover your password. You can dial the technical support at the number 1-800-952-8889. Say “Password” during the call or dial “20” and then stay on the line for help. To keep your account secure, you must dial from your workplace to reset a password.